If you have submitted a form, but more than two days have gone by and you have not received an email confirmation, contact Joe Weyand.


Teams participating in the Bison / NBDA Freshman Tournament need to submit this team registration form.

When filling out the form:
1) Spell all names accurately -- these will be used for the tournament program.
2) Please do not use all caps.
3) Grade = ‘16 - ‘17 school year
4) “Top Player? “ -- indicate if you consider the player one of the best on your team -- please limit to no more than 3 of your players.
5) Do not be concerned if text entries “wrap” to a next line.
6) You may enter information for 14 players, but only 12 may play in the tournament -- the two "alternates" will be listed in the program.
7) You may have more than two assistant coaches, but only two will be listed in the program.
8) You can move from field to field by using the tab key.

You should try to fill out the form at one sitting as you probably won't be able to save it. There is a pdf template available here that you can use to fill in the information before entering it

When all the information is complete, enter the "Captcha" antispam code as displayed (if you can't read it, click on the refresh button just to the right of the space for entering the two words -- there should NOT be a space between the two words). Then click on the "Submit" button. The form will then be sent to the NBDA and processed. Should the submission fail because of an incorrect security word, you can return to the form by clicking on your browser’s back button -- this is the best way as your entered information should be preserved. If you do use the “click here” button on the failure message, it will return you to the form, but the data may not display -- on some browsers, you may be able to restore the data by using the “Auto Fill” function. If not, you would need to re-enter the information. This is why it is important to make sure you have the correct security words entered.

You will receive a confirmation of your entry via email (sent to the person who submitted the form). If there are any additions or corrections needed, reply to the email -- you do not need to re-submit the entire form. The information from this form will be used to produce the tournament program and we would like to have the program information as accurate and complete as possible, so feel free to make additions / corrections right up to the deadline. Also, please don’t allow players to switch jerseys unless you report it as a correction to the program before the deadline. Thank you -- your cooperation is appreciated.

Person Submitting Form:
email: phone:
Team Name:
Coaches First Name Last Name School Affiliation
Head Coach:
Assistant 1
Assistant 2
First Name
Last Name
Ht- Feet
Ht - Inches
1 3 L
2 4 L
3 5 L
4 10 L
5 12 L
6 22 L
7 23 L
8 24 L
9 32 L
10 33 XL
11 34 XL
12 40 XXL
13 00 -
14 00 -